Curbing Warranty

Before we arrive:

Turn off all water sprinklers on your property. They must remain off for 3 days after installation.

Please pick up after your pets before we arrive and keep them inside while we are working.

Please have your lawn mowed prior to us arriving to do your project, thick grass makes it harder to move the materials around
your property.

Be sure to mark all sprinkler heads, telephone wires, cables or any other buried items in the work areas. All Around Inside/Out LLC
is NOT responsible for any damage by our crew or equipment to any buried items or to any unmarked sprinklers.

After your curbing has been installed it is best to leave it alone for 5 days. Do not do any work near the curbing for that time. Do
not spray or mist your new curbing with water, such actions can discolor your new curbing and will not be covered by the warranty.

If color is added to your project, we measure precisely for a consistent color throughout your project, The actual finished color is
close to the color chart however there will be variations in every project.

Curbing with color will have a cure n seal applied to it when completed. During the curing it is normal for colored curbing to look
"splotchy" for up to 8 weeks. This will go away as it cures. It may take longer due to excess moisture and watering of the lawn.
Excess moisture on or around the curbing will affect the normal curing process.

Some fertilizers or chemicals will stain the curb as they would any other concrete products and care should be taken when
spraying such chemicals or fertilizers.

Concrete can and will crack. We experience very little cracking and use control joints every 2 -3 feet to control the location of any
cracks. If there should be any solid cracks (over 1/16") outside the control joints during the warranty period we will make the
repairs. It is important to note; repairs can be difficult and it is impossible to get a perfect color match. Sometimes the solution is
worse than the ill. A hairline crack is much less noticeable than a patch or discoloration in the curbing.

Not Covered on Warranty:
Any cracking due to settlement of ground beneath the curbing or sink hole activity is not covered.
Tree roots can cause curbing to crack and or heave. Any cracking due to tree roots is not covered.
Cracks must be wide enough to slide a quarter into it for repairs to be warranted.
Cracking or damage to curbing as a result of someones negligence is not covered.
We do our best to make sure the color is true throughout your curbing however we cannot guarantee that the curb will match
perfectly throughout the entire job. The color of your curb is a close representation of our color chart and will not be a perfect
match. Due to the variation in a color pigment there will be a slight difference in color across the curb when finished.
Tell tale signs including washed out color, blotchy color, abnormally light or dark areas are direct results of excess moisture at the
job site and no claims will be honored if such is evident.

We take every effort to keep and leave each job site clean and neat. It is however impossible to get all the small concrete pieces
after installation. Any small fragments left after we finished our clean up will eventually get pushed into the ground or can be mixed
with top soil after the curb has hardened.

We have been installing Landscape Curbing since 2005 and have installed more than 500,000 lf  of curbing!  We have excellent
reviews, and satisfied costumers all over the area!
We strive for the highest quality on every job and we're  looking forward to making YOU our next satisfied costumer!